Thursday, August 30, 2012

20 to 28 weeks of pregnancy

20 to 25 weeks of pregnancy: Your uterus will begin to get bigger more quickly and you will really begin to look pregnant.    
You may feel hungrier than before. Stick to a sensible balanced diet.
Ask your midwife about antenatal education.
You will begin to feel your baby move.
Get your maternity certificate (form MAT B1) from your doctor or midwife.
25 weeks pregnant
Your baby is now moving around vigorously and responds to touch and sound.
If this is your first baby, your midwife or doctor should:
check the size of your uterus
measure your blood pressure and test your urine for protein.
If you are taking maternity leave, inform your employer in writing 15 weeks before the week your baby is due. You can claim for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and the Health in Pregnancy Grant at the same time.
If you are entitled to Maternity Allowance, you can claim from when you are 26 weeks pregnant.
If your partner plans to take paternity leave, they will need to inform their employer.
28 weeks of pregnancy    
Your baby will be perfectly formed by now, but still quite small.
You may find that you are getting more tired.
Your midwife or doctor should:
use a tape to measure the size of your uterus
measure your blood pressure and test your urine for protein
offer more blood screening tests
offer your first anti-D treatment if your blood type is rhesus negative.
If you are claiming Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), you must inform your employer at least 28 days before you stop work.
You can claim a lump sum Sure Start Maternity Grant to help buy things for your new baby if you get one of the following:
Income Support
Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Pension Credit
Working Tax Credit where the disability or severe disability element is included in the award
 Child Tax Credit payable at a rate higher than the family element.
Think about what you need for the baby.
If you have young children, it’s good to talk to them about the new baby.
Make sure your shoes are comfortable. If you get tired, try to rest with your feet up.

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