Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anxiety and depression during pregnancy

Anxiety during pregnancy: It is quite normal to feel anxious and worried when you are pregnant – especially if this is your first pregnancy. There are a number of things that you may feel anxious about. You may find antenatal tests stressful – because of the possibility that something may be wrong. You may be worried about practical things like money, work or where you are going to live. You may be anxious about whether you will cope as a parent, or about whether you are ready to be a parent. Some of these anxieties could be shared by your partner, friends or family. It is a good idea to talk through these feelings together.
Pregnant women Dreams    
It is normal to have dreams about your baby. Sometimes your dreams may reflect your anxieties. This is often because you are thinking much more about your pregnancy and the changes that are happening in your body. Talk to your midwife if you are worried by this.
Coping with anxiety in pregnancy   
Sometimes it helps to share anxieties with other pregnant women.
Discuss any worries, concerns or anxieties you have with someone you feel you can talk to. This could be your midwife, your partner, your friends or family.
Depression and mental health problems in pregnancy
It’s normal to have some worries while you are pregnant and to feel a bit down from time to time. But it is a cause for concern if you are feeling down most of the time. Whatever the reason for your unhappiness, or even if there doesn’t seem to be any reason at all, explain how you feel to your midwife, doctor or health visitor. Make sure that they understand that you are talking about something more than just feeling low. Some women do get depressed during pregnancy and you may need treatment to help you deal with it. If you have had a mental health problem in the past, then you might be at risk of becoming ill with a depressive illness during pregnancy and childbirth. It is important that you tell your midwife at the start of your pregnancy about any previous illness. If your mood changes throughout the pregnancy, then let someone know how you are feeling; don’t suffer alone – you can be helped.

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