Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Relationship with husband during pregnancy

Pregnancy will bring about big changes to your relationship, especially if this is your first baby. Some people cope with these changes easily, others find it harder. Everybody is different.
It is quite common for couples to find themselves having arguments every now and then during pregnancy, however much they are looking forward to the baby. Some arguments may be nothing to do with the pregnancy, but others may be because one of you is worried about the future and how you are going to cope. It’s important to realize that during pregnancy there are understandable reasons for the odd difficulty between you, and good reasons for feeling closer and more loving.
One practical question you will need to discuss is how you will cope with labor, and whether your partner wants to be there. Many fathers do want to be present at their baby’s birth. Knowing about labor and birth gives some suggestions for ways in which fathers can help, and what it can mean for them to share this experience.
If your relationship is particularly problematic, do get help. For sources of confidential support, like Relate or Women’s Aid, refer to the list of useful sites
It may be that you do not have a partner in this pregnancy and you need extra support from family or friends. You may wish to talk to your midwife about services that may be available.

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