Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First months after birth - mood changes after pregnancy

First months after giving birth: Having a baby and becoming a parent are major events for both you and your partner. Becoming a parent usually brings changes to your home life, social life and relationships. Parents of a new baby experience a variety of emotions after the birth. You will feel happy and proud of yourself, or possibly relieved that it is all over.
Whether this is your first, second or third baby, the first few weeks of parenthood are both physically and emotionally tiring. It can be difficult to find time for yourself, your partner or your family when you have the 24-hour demands of a new baby to deal with. Meeting the needs of a baby can be rewarding, but in the weeks and months following the birth of a baby you can feel stressed.
It is likely that during the first few weeks and months of parenthood you will feel a mixture of emotions.
Your health visitor will be available to talk to you, but it is important that you talk honestly to your partner, friends or family about how you feel.
Being a parent means constantly experiencing new events and carrying out new tasks. You will have to learn a new set of skills to cope with these situations. Women do not automatically know how to be a mother and men do not automatically know how to be a father. It is something that you learn over time.
Mood changes after giving birth    
If you experience any of the following mood changes, do not feel ashamed of how you are feeling. You are not alone: asking for and accepting help is the first stage of recovery – particularly for the more serious conditions. If you think you are in any way depressed, talk to a healthcare professional as soon as you can. Your midwife, health visitor and GP are all trained to help you, and many voluntary facilities offer advice.

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