Monday, October 15, 2012

Before delivery examination and having a bath while in labor

Pelvic examination before delivery: The midwife will ask you about what has been happening so far and will examine you. If you are having a home birth, then this examination will take place at home. The midwife will:
take your pulse, temperature and blood pressure and check your urine
feel your abdomen to check the baby’s position and record or listen to your baby’s heart, and
Probably do an internal examination to find out how much your cervix has opened. Tell her if a contraction is coming so that she can wait until it has passed. She will then be able to tell you how far your labor has progressed. If you would prefer not to have an internal examination you don’t have to have one.
These checks will be repeated at intervals throughout your labor. If you and your partner have made a birth plan, show your midwife so that she knows what kind of labor you want and can help you to achieve it.
Water birth in hospital   
Some hospitals have birthing pools (or you can hire one if there is not one available), so that you can be in water during labor. Many women find that this helps them to relax. It is possible to deliver the baby in the pool. Speak to your midwife about the advantages and disadvantages of a water birth. If you want one, you will need to make arrangements in advance.
Hospital delivery room  
Delivery rooms have become more homelike in recent years. Most have easy chairs, beanbags and mats so that you can move about in labor and change position. Some have baths, showers or birthing pools.
You should feel comfortable in the room where you are giving birth.
Having a bath during labor   
Some hospitals may offer you a bath or shower. A warm bath can be soothing in the early stages of labor. Some women like to spend much of their labor in the bath as a way of easing the pain.

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