Thursday, October 4, 2012

Antenatal care team - obstetric physiotherapist, health visitors and dieticians

An obstetric physiotherapist: An obstetric physiotherapist is specially trained to help you cope with physical changes during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. Some provide antenatal education and teach antenatal exercises, relaxation and breathing, active positions and other ways you can keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy and labor. After the birth, they advise on postnatal exercises to tone up your muscles. Your midwife can help you with these exercises.
Health visitors
Health visitors are specially trained nurses who offer help and support with the health of the whole family. You may meet your health visitor before the birth of your baby and you will be visited by a member of the team in the first few weeks after your baby is born. You may continue to see your health visitor or a member of the health visiting team at home or at your child health clinic, Children’s Centre, health centre or GP’s surgery.
Dieticians and pregnancy
Dietician may be available to advise you about healthy eating or special diets, for example if you develop gestational diabetes.
Pregnancy Research studies
You may be asked to participate in a research project during your antenatal care or labor or after you have given birth. This may be to test a new treatment or to find out your opinions on an aspect of your care. Such projects are vital if professionals are to improve maternity care. The project should be fully explained to you and you are free to say no.
Some of the health professionals you see will have students with them. The students will be at various stages of their training but will always be supervised. You can say no, but if you let a student be present it will help their education and may even add to your experience of pregnancy and labor.

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