Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to choose infant formula and vitamins drops for babies

Baby formula feeding: The following new advices are based on guidance from the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency. It may differ from what you have done before if you have older children, but to minimize any risk it is recommended that you follow these new advices.
How to choose formula for newborn  
Infant formula milk usually comes in powder form and is based on processed, skimmed cows’ milk, and is treated so babies can digest it. Vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are added to make sure the milk contains the vitamins and minerals that young babies need. This will be on the contents list on the pack. Infant formula powders are not sterile, so it is important to follow the cleaning and sterilizing instructions.
Formula is either ‘whey dominant’ or ‘casein dominant’, depending on the balance of proteins it contains. It may also be referred to as stage one or stage two milk.
Whey-dominant milk is thought to be easier to digest than casein-dominant milk, so should always be the first formula you give your baby.
There is little nutritional difference in the two forms of milk, so if whey-dominant formula milk suits your baby, they can stay on it for the first year or even longer.
‘Ready-to-feed’ infant formula milk in cartons is also available.
This is generally more expensive than powdered milk. Once opened, the carton should be stored in the fridge with the cut corner turned down. Do not store it for longer than 24 hours.
You can continue giving your baby infant formula when they are older than six months.
If you have any worries about the infant formula milk you are giving your baby, ask your midwife, health visitor or GP for advice.
Helpful tips
There are a number of different brands of infant formula milk available in the shops. All should meet the legal standards for formula milk, and it’s up to you to decide which one to use. In the past it was thought better to stick to one brand, but there is no evidence to suggest that changing brands does any good or any harm.
Formula and Vitamin drops    
If your baby is formula fed, you should give them vitamin drops from the age of six months or if they are drinking less than 500ml of formula a day. You can buy suitable drops at any pharmacy.
Ask your midwife or health visitor where you can get vitamin drops.

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