Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to use baby car seat

If you have a car, you must have a car seat. This is also called a safety restraint. Your baby must always go in their seat, including when you bring them home from the hospital. It’s very dangerous – and illegal – to carry your baby in your arms. The best way for your baby to travel is in a rear-facing infant car seat, on either the front or back seat. This is held in place by the adult safety belt.
If you have a car with air bags in the front, your baby should not travel in the front seat, even if they are facing backwards, because of the danger of suffocation if the bag inflates.
To keep your baby as safe as possible:
Make sure the car seat is fitted correctly.
Do not place a rear-facing infant car seat in the front passenger seat if your car is fitted with an air bag.
Don’t buy a second-hand car seat as it may have been damaged in an accident.
Look for United Nations ECE Regulation number R44.03, or a later version of this standard, when you buy a car seat. This is the standard for new seats. However, if you have car seats that conform to a British Standard or to an earlier version of R44, you can continue to use them.

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