Monday, October 29, 2012

Things needed for breastfeeding and bottle feeding - list of clothes for new baby

Things needed for breastfeeding: If you are going to breastfeed, you will probably want:
Nursing bras that open at the front and have adjustable straps. Cotton is best because it allows air to circulate. If you try on bras at about 36–38 weeks, they should fit when you need them
Breast pads. You put these into your bra to prevent milk from leaking onto your clothes.
What do you need for formula feeding?
If you are going to formula feed, you will need:
Six bottles with teats and caps
sterilizing equipment
A bottle brush
Infant formula milk. Avoid buying this too far in advance, as instant formula milk has a ‘use by date’ printed on the package.
How many clothes for new baby   
Babies grow very quickly. All you need for the first few weeks are enough clothes to make sure that your baby will be warm and clean. You will probably need:
Six stretch suits for both day and night or four stretch suits and two nighties for the night.
Use socks or bootees with the nightie if it’s cold
Two cardigans. They should be wool or cotton rather than nylon, and light rather than heavy. Several light layers of clothing are best for keeping your baby warm
Four vests
A shawl or blanket to wrap your baby in
A wool or cotton hat, mittens and socks or bootees for going out if the weather is cold.
It’s better to choose close-knitted patterns for safety
A sun hat for going out if the weather is hot or the sun is bright.
Washing baby clothes tips    
If you use a washing machine, don’t use washing powders with enzymes (bio powders) or fabric conditioner, as they may irritate your baby’s skin. Always rinse clothes very thoroughly.

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