Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going to hospital for delivery - after giving birth checklist

Going to hospital for delivery: Work out how you will get to hospital or the midwifery unit, as it could be at any time of the day or night. If you are planning to go by car, make sure that it’s running well and that there is always enough petrol in the tank. If a neighbor has said that they will take you, make an alternative arrangement just in case they are not in. If you have not got a car, you could call a taxi. Or call your maternity unit, which can arrange for an ambulance to pick you up. Try to do so in good time.
Checklist for Home birth    
If you are planning to give birth at home, discuss your plans and what you need to prepare with your midwife. You are likely to need the following:
Clothes (including a hat) and nappies for the baby
About 24 super-absorbent sanitary towels.
Using mobile phone during pregnancy    
Some hospitals and midwifery units will allow you to use your mobile phone. Check with your midwife. If you cannot use your mobile, make sure that you have a phone card or change for the phone.
After giving birth checklist  
When you come home you will not want to do much more than rest and care for your baby, so do as much planning as you can in advance:
Stock up on basics, such as toilet paper, sanitary towels and nappies.
Buy tinned and dried food like beans, pasta and rice.
If you have a freezer, cook some meals in advance.

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