Monday, October 15, 2012

Best time to go to hospital when in labor

When to go to the hospital for baby delivery: If it is your first pregnancy, you may feel unsure about when you should go into hospital. The best thing to do is call your hospital or unit for advice.
If your waters have broken, you will probably be told to go in to be checked.
If it is your first baby and you are having contractions but your waters have not broken, you may be told to wait. You will probably be told to come in when your contractions are regular, strong, are about five minutes apart and are lasting about 60 seconds.
If you don’t live near to your hospital, you may need to go in before you get to this stage.
Second and later babies often arrive more quickly, so you may need to contact the hospital, midwifery unit or your midwife sooner.
Don’t forget to phone the hospital or unit before leaving home, and remember your notes.
Home birth    
You and your midwife should have agreed what you will do when labor starts.
Keep active in labor for as long as you feel comfortable. This helps the progress of the birth. Don’t do anything strenuous but try and move or walk around normally.
Preparing to go to hospital for delivery  
Hospitals and midwifery units vary, so the following is just a guide to what is likely to happen. Your midwife will be able to give you more advices about your local hospital or unit.
If you carry your own notes, take them to the hospital admissions desk. You will be taken to the labor ward or your room, where you can change into a hospital gown or a nightdress of your own. Choose one that is loose and preferably made of cotton, because you will feel hot during labor and will not want something tight. 

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