Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Postnatal depression symptoms and treatment

Postnatal depression: Postnatal depression affects 1 in 10 women following the birth of their baby. It usually begins in the first six months after childbirth, although for some women the depression begins in pregnancy. It can occur at any time within the first year of the birth of your baby.
Postnatal depression symptoms and treatment
If you get postnatal depression, you can feel as if you are taken over by a feeling of hopelessness. You may feel angry, but more often you will feel too exhausted to be angry or even to cope with the simplest tasks.
Postnatal depression is serious, and if it is left untreated it can last for longer than a year. However, early diagnosis and treatment of postnatal depression will result in a faster recovery. Quite often a partner or close family friend will recognize that there is something wrong before you do.
If you think you are depressed, contact your GP, midwife or health visitor and explain how you are feeling. Your partner or a friend could contact them for you if you want. You can also contact the Association for Post-Natal Illness.
If you have twins or triplets, you are more likely to experience postnatal and longer-term depression. This is mainly because of the additional stress of caring for more than one baby. Getting out of the house can be difficult and this can make you feel isolated. Tamba can help you to make contact with other mothers through local twins clubs and through their helpline, Tamba Twinline.

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