Monday, October 15, 2012

Labor second stage - best position to push baby out

Second stage of labor is called the baby’s birth: This stage begins when the cervix is fully dilated, and lasts until the birth of your baby. Your midwife will help you to find a comfortable position and will guide you when you feel the urge to push.
Best position for labor and birth   
Find a position that you prefer and which will make labor easier for you.
You might want to remain in bed with your back propped up with pillows, or you may wish to stand, sit, kneel or squat. Squatting may be difficult if you are not used to it.
If you are very tired, you might be more comfortable lying on your side rather than propped up with pillows. This is also a better position for your baby.
You may find kneeling on all fours might be helpful if you suffer from backache in labor.
It can help if you have tried out some of these positions beforehand.
How to push in labor   
When your cervix is fully dilated, you can start to push when you feel you need to during contractions:
Take two deep breaths as the contractions start, and push down.
Take another breath when you need to.
Give several pushes until the contraction ends.
After each contraction, rest and get up strength for the next one.
This stage is hard work, but your midwife will help and encourage you all the time. Your birth partner can also give you lots of support. This stage may take an hour or more, so it helps to know how you are doing.

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