Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What happens in postnatal check up?

Postnatal check up after birth: You should have your postnatal check about six weeks after your baby’s birth to make sure that you feel well and are recovering from the birth. You may be offered an appointment to go back to the hospital or midwifery unit where you gave birth, but otherwise you should see your GP. It’s time to introduce your baby to your GP as the new member of your family! It’s a good opportunity to ask any questions and sort out any problems that are troubling you. You may like to make a list of questions to take along with you so that you don’t forget what you want to ask.
What happens in postnatal check?  
You will be weighed and can get weight loss advice if you need it.
Your urine will be tested to make sure your kidneys are working properly and that there is no infection.
Your blood pressure will be checked.
You may be offered an examination to see if:
- Your stitches (if you had any) have healed
- Your uterus is back to its normal size, and
- All the muscles used during labor and delivery are returning to normal.
Tell the doctor if the examination is uncomfortable.
Your breasts are unlikely to be examined unless you have a particular concern.
A cervical smear test may be discussed if you have not had one in the past three years. This is usually delayed until three months after delivery.
If you are not immune to rubella (German measles) and were not given an immunization before you left hospital, you will be offered one now. You should not become pregnant for one month after this immunization.
You will be asked if you still have any vaginal discharge and whether you have had a period yet.
Tell your doctor if:
- You are having trouble holding in urine or wind, or you are soiling yourself
- You are feeling very tired, low or depressed, or
- You are worried about anything.
You can also ask your doctor about contraception. You may wish to choose a different method to the one you had previously used (especially if your pregnancy was not planned). The doctor or nurse can help you decide which method is right for you now.
Your baby’s check
Your GP’s surgery or health clinic will probably arrange for your baby’s six-week check to be done at your postnatal check. If you go to the hospital, the baby’s check will usually need to be arranged separately.

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