Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby formula milk temperature and precautions while bottle feeding

Always cool your baby’s milk down before feeding. At 70°C, it is still hot enough to scald. To cool it, hold the bottle, with the cap covering the teat, under cold running water. Test the temperature of the feed by dropping a little onto the inside of your wrist. It should just feel warm to the touch, not hot.
If the milk is too cool, and your baby doesn’t like it that way, you can warm it up a little by putting the bottle upright in some hot water, keeping the teat out of the water. Never warm milk in a microwave oven. It will continue to heat up for a time after you take it out of the microwave, even though the outside of the bottle may feel cold.
The milk inside may be very hot and could scald your baby’s mouth.
Get everything you need ready before you start feeding. Find a comfortable position to hold your baby while you are feeding. You may need to give your baby time. Some babies take some milk, pause for a nap, and then wake up for more. So you might have to be patient. Remember, feeding is an opportunity to feel close to your baby and get to know them.
Even when your baby is a little older, they should never be left alone to feed with a propped-up bottle, as they may choke.
You should check regularly that teats are not torn or damaged.
When feeding, make sure you keep the teat full of milk, otherwise your baby will take in air and get wind. If the teat becomes flattened while you are feeding, pull gently on the corner of your baby’s mouth to release the vacuum. If the teat gets blocked, replace it with another sterile teat.
Help and support
If you want help or advice on formula feeding, talk to your midwife or health visitor.

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