Monday, October 29, 2012

Helping mom after delivery and sleeping when breastfeeding

Helping mother after delivery: You will probably need a lot of practical help, as well as emotional support. You are bound to feel up and down and to get tired easily in the first few weeks. Many women want to have their partner around so that you get to know the baby together and have help with the work. Being together at this time helps you to start to adjust to the changes in your life. If you are on your own, or your partner cannot be with you, ask your mother or a close friend to be there.
Even with help, you will probably feel tired. Here are some things you could try:
Cut down on cleaning – a bit of dust will not hurt.
Keep meals simple but healthy. You need to eat well but this need not involve a great deal of preparation and cooking.
Try to space visitors out and say no to visitors if you feel too tired or need some time with your baby.
Too many visitors in a short time can be very tiring. If visitors do come, don’t feel you have to tidy up or lay on a meal. Let them do things for you, like the washing up, making a meal or bringing some groceries.
If you need extra help, ask. Friends or neighbors will probably be very willing to help you by doing things like shopping.
Looking after yourself after birth   
Although you may feel like your every waking hour is spent caring for your baby, it’s important to look after yourself as well.
Sleeping while breastfeeding    
While you are feeding your baby at night and your body is recovering from childbirth, it is essential to catch up on rest.
It’s tempting to use your baby’s sleep times to catch up on chores, but try to have a sleep or a proper rest at least once during the day.

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