Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Symptoms of the baby blues

The baby blues after giving birth: As many as 8 out of 10 women get what is commonly called ‘the baby blues’. It normally begins within a few days of the baby’s birth.
The baby blues symptoms
Common reactions are to burst into tears for no obvious reason, or to feel on top of the world one minute and miserable the next. It is not unusual to feel anxious or tense, lacking in confidence or worried.
Remember that having a baby can turn your world upside down.
In the first few weeks and months you are likely to feel emotionally and physically drained. Becoming a parent for the first time can feel like an overwhelming responsibility and it is very easy to feel inadequate when other parents around you seem to be coping well. You may expect to love your baby immediately, but this can take a while and is not always instinctive, and does not mean that you are not a ‘good’ or ‘natural’ mother. Many women experience these feelings. When you have a baby your life changes, so don’t be too hard on yourself – you are only human. We all learn to be a parent when we actually have a baby, not before. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new life. Find time to rest and eat a good diet, as this will help you to become and stay physically and emotionally healthy.
Talk to someone you can trust such as your partner, your mum, a friend, or to your midwife or health visitor, about how you are feeling. It can help a lot just to confide in someone else. Once they know how you are feeling, they will be able to give you support.
If you become more unhappy or upset, or if your low mood lasts more than a week, then you are probably experiencing something other than the baby blues. In these circumstances, you should talk to your midwife, health visitor or doctor – especially if you have had depression before.

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