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How to breastfeeding twins - exclusive breastfeeding period

Best way to breastfeed twins: Twins, triplets or more can be breastfed. Because multiple babies are more likely to be born prematurely and to have a low birth weight, breast milk is especially important for their well-being.
To start with, you may find it easier to feed each of your babies separately, until you feel confident about handling them at the same time and feeding is well established. This may take some time, so it can be really helpful to accept any offers of help around the house from family and friends.
Over time, you will learn what works best for you and your babies.
Triplets can be breastfed either two together and then one after, or all three rotated at each feed. Alternatively, you can use a combination of breast and formula, depending on the babies and your milk supply.
How long is exclusive breastfeeding recommended?   
Exclusive breastfeeding (with no other food or drink) is recommended for around the first six months of a baby’s life. After this, you can carry on giving your baby breast milk alongside other foods for as long as you and your baby want. This can be into the second year or beyond.
Every day you breastfeed makes a difference to you and your baby. There is no need to decide at the beginning how long you will breastfeed. Many mothers continue to breastfeed if or when they return to work or college. The practicalities will depend on how old your baby is and how many feeds they need while you are apart, but it’s often easier to manage than people think. Your peer supporter, midwife, health visitor, local support group or the National Breastfeeding Helpline can explain the options and talk them through with you.
If you stop breastfeeding, it can be difficult to start again. Giving formula milk to a breastfed baby can reduce your supply of breast milk.
More advices
The Equality Bill offers mothers stronger protection when breastfeeding. The Equality Bill will make it clear that it is unlawful to force breastfeeding mothers and their babies out of places like coffee shops, public galleries and restaurants.

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