Monday, October 8, 2012

Choosing where to have your baby - Advantage and disadvantage of home birth

Choosing where to have your baby: You can give birth at home, in a unit run by midwives or in a hospital. It’s useful to know about each of these options so that you can choose what is best for you.
Advantage and disadvantage of home delivery      
Giving birth is generally very safe, wherever you choose to have your baby. There is not much evidence that compares how safe different places are. However, women who have their baby in a unit run by midwives or at home are less likely to need assistance, for example through the use of forceps or a ventouse. If you choose to have your baby at home or in a unit run by midwives, you should be given facts about what would happen if you need to be transferred to hospital during labor and how long this would take. You should also be aware that if something goes seriously wrong during your labor (which is rare) it could be worse for you and your baby than if you were in hospital with access to specialized care. You may be advised to give birth in hospital if you have, or develop, certain medical conditions.
Things to know about home birth   
It is important that you and your partner make an informed choice about where you would like to give birth.
It is your choice, and even after you have decided where you want to have your baby you can still change your mind. Your midwife will discuss the options that are available to you locally, though you are free to choose any maternity services if you are prepared to travel.
As well as getting advices from your midwife, you can get advices from:
Local maternity units
Children’s Centers
Your GP surgery
The NCT, which can put you in touch with local mothers
Maternity Services Liaison Committees
A supervisor of midwives.
You may also want to seek the views of your friends and family.

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