Monday, October 29, 2012

First weeks at home with baby - husband helping with baby

First few weeks at home with newborn: Your first few weeks at home can be an exciting but anxious time for parents as you get used to caring for your new baby.
If you have been in hospital or a midwifery unit, you may feel apprehensive about being on your own without staff on call to help you. The more you handle your baby, the more your confidence will increase. And your community midwife, health visitor and GP are there to support you if you have any worries or problems. Ask your midwife or health visitor for advice on looking after your child up to the age of five.
How much should husband help with baby  
As the mother’s partner, you can get involved in caring for your baby from day one. In the first weeks, you can:
help your baby’s mother to breastfeed by:
spending time with her while the baby is feeding
bringing your baby to their mother when they need feeding in the night
Helping to wind your baby
getting specialist help and advices on breastfeeding if the mother has any concerns
 provide emotional support and encouragement
make nutritious meals and snacks for your baby’s mother
change your baby’s nappies
bathe and dress your baby
cuddle and play with your baby
clean the house, go shopping and do other household chores.
You may feel quite nervous about handling the baby at first but you will get more confident. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help or encouragement.

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