Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things to carry baby in - baby prams, pushchairs and carrycot on wheels

Things to carry baby in: Spend some time looking at what is available for getting around with your baby. Think about what will suit you best. You could always ask other mothers what they have found useful.
Baby carriers    
(Also called slings) carry your baby in front of you. Most babies like being carried like this because they are close to you and warm. The back part of the carrier must be high enough to support your baby’s head. Check that the buckles and straps that attach the carrier to you are secure. Older babies who can hold up their heads and whose backs are stronger (at about four months) can be carried in backpacks.
Baby pushchairs
Baby pushchairs are only suitable for young babies if they have fully reclining seats that let your baby lie flat. Wait until your baby can sit up before using any other type of pushchair. You should also consider the weight of the pushchair if you use public transport as you might have to lift it onto trains or buses.
Baby prams  
Give your baby a lot of space to sit and lie comfortably, although they take up a lot of space and are hard to use on public transport.
If you have a car, look for a pram that can be dismantled easily.
Buy a pram harness at the same time, as you will soon need it.
Pushchair and prams specifications   
Before buying a pushchair or pram, check that:
The brakes are in good working order
The handles are at the right height for pushing, and
The frame is strong enough.
Carrycot on wheels   
Your baby can sleep in the carrycot for the first few months and the cot can be attached to the frame to go out. It can also be taken in a car with appropriate restraints.
Three-in-one pram pushchair  
This is a carrycot and transporter (set of wheels) that can be converted into a pushchair when your baby outgrows the carrycot.
Shopping trays   
That fit under the pushchair or pram can be very useful when you are out.

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