Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elective c section - can you give a natural birth after c section

Planned caesarean section: A caesarean is ‘elective’ if it is planned in advance. This usually happens because your doctor or midwife thinks that labor will be dangerous for you or your baby.
It takes about 5–10 minutes to deliver the baby and the whole operation takes about 40–50 minutes. One advantage of an epidural or spinal anesthetic is that you are awake at the moment of delivery and can see and hold your baby immediately. Your birth partner can be with you.
After c section problems
After a caesarean section, you will be uncomfortable and will be offered painkillers. You will usually be fitted with a catheter (a small tube that fits into your bladder) for up to 24 hours and you may be prescribed daily injections to prevent blood clots (thrombosis).
Depending on the help you have at home, you should be ready to leave hospital within two to four days.
You will be encouraged to become mobile as soon as possible, and your midwife or hospital physiotherapist will give you advice about postnatal exercises that will help you in your recovery. As soon as you can move without pain, you can drive – as long as you are able to make an emergency stop. This may be six weeks or sooner.
Natural delivery after c section
If you have your first baby by caesarean section, this does not necessarily mean that any future baby will have to be delivered in this way. Vaginal birth after a previous caesarean can and does happen. This will depend on your own particular circumstances. Discuss your hopes and plans for any other deliveries with your doctor or midwife.

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